Need finance for your new purchase? It’s a great idea to have your finance approved and ready to go before you buy – avoid the stress and the unknown. Being able to settle your purchase quickly gives you the confidence of a cash buyer with the benefits of negotiating a better price – many sellers are willing to lower their price if they have the certainty of being paid immediately. Knowing the cost of the credit in advance is just as important.

Since the Covid crisis began, most lenders have retreated to their traditional methods of assessing applications, leaving behind their increasing reliance on automation and (AI) Artificial Intelligence and once again, people skills are at the forefront, but the queue for loan applications is long, sometimes extending to several weeks. This makes it more important than ever to have your finance in place before considering your purchase.

The same applies whether buying a car or truck, machine or any other asset. Pre approved, you can snag a bargain through an auction, private sale or end of year stock sale, then simply make a call to get settlement underway.


Planning on purchasing a new vehicle or equipment?  Call us to arrange your pre approval and negotiate your purchase price with confidence.   

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