chattel mortgage

A loan agreement which funds the purchase of individual or multiple assets which are accepted as security for the loan. A registrable mortgage is placed over the goods for the duration of the loan


Also known as a Goods Mortgage, Specific Security Agreement (SSA) or Commercial Loan.


  • claim refund of the GST in the purchase in your next Business Activity Statement
  • terms of 1 to 7 years available (up to 10 years for larger purchases)
  • fixed interest rate and repayments
  • claim depreciation and interest as eligible tax deductions
  • terms and balloon (lump sum/residual) available to maximise cashflow benefits
  • finance 100% of the cost of the goods purchased or contribute equity if desired
  • monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annual, seasonal or structured repayments available to suit your cashflow
  • ideal for Instant Tax Writeoff 

The most popular and flexible form of financing business assets – claim GST, depreciation and interest, and have ownership of the goods

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